Brian Risk, Bassist/Harmony Vocals

Brian is a music industry veteran with extensive skills on-stage and off.  His musical talents include lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums, vocals, and harmonica.  Offstage he has professional experience as a sound technician, guitar teacher, stage manager, festival organizer, and tour manager.  In recent musical projects, Brian has worked in musical theatre, fronted a Neil Young / CSNY tribute act, and has released one CD of original material.  For more information, visit

James Keith, Lead Guitar & Vocals

James started in music at five, singing in the church choir. Later, he embraced other genres. He started learning guitar and continued singing. His first band was a tribute to AC/DC, then later Led Zeppelin and Mötley Crüe.

A few years after doing tribute in classic rock, he started playing a lot of country music, and Tim McGraw was tearing up the charts.

James formed a band called Trickle Creek and performed at the Carlton Speedway in Ottawa. Many big names played at that venue in the late 80s and early 90s. One of those names was Tim McGraw. James joined Peter with the shared vision to make this tour the best tribute to the legendary artist, and the band that toured with McGraw at the height of his career.

Henry L Rockson - Drums 

Henry Rockson is well-known in the Ottawa music scene, with a 20-year history playing drums. He has played in many genres. Bands include Tricklecreek, Telestar Country, and Blue Country Band. Henry is a hard-hitting finesse drummer with high harmonies. He plays a multitude of instruments.

Henry has his own studio in the Ottawa, Ontario area. The band spends most of their time rehearsing, recording, and having fun. He is no stranger to playing bass and guitar. He will play the role of Billy Mason for Tim McGraw Tribute. 

Billy Mason is best known for his role as the drummer in Tim McGraw’s band The Dance Hall Doctors.

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