Peter Phillips  And his Tim McGraw Experience is a culmination of excellence. Here are some of those reviews.

• We’ve caught Peter Phillips take on Tim McGraw in other Laughlin Shows.  He has always been solid in his role, has the looks and has the sound. With a new sound system and possibly new attitude, Phillips stretches his legs to where it’s the best we have ever seen him.

River Palms Casino, Laughlin, Nevada.
Laughlin Entertainer.

• Awesome excellent guy, great singer too!!

Henry Lauzon

• My friend Peter does a SPOT-ON Tim McGraw tribute show.  Having viewed  It from the audience and on stage as a backing band member, a great concert experience for all fans of country music.

Donnie Castleman

•  Peter does an awesome Tim McGraw tribute!   Everything from the voice to the moves and the costumes are spot on. He is hands down one of the best Tim McGraw Tribute Artists.

Annika Starander Weaver

•  Peter Phillips is in amazing talent and dedicated tribute to Tim McGraw +++.   We have done sold out shows together and he is stellar!  A must see!

Rick Rock

“A great show! Shocked, it was like almost seeing seeing the real Tim McGraw!”  The music / the band was perfect!  A first class show all the way.  Peter is a true gentleman, took pictures, signed photos after the show; he and his band stayed until everyone had a chance to even just say hey. Can’t wait to see them again!

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